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Rejuvenate Spring Retreat – November 3rd 2017

Melbourne Cup Day week end 2017

Commencing Friday November 3rd: 3 & 7 day packages available
– Tuesday November 7th (4 nights)
– Friday November 10th (7 nights)

Take advantage of the long week-end and the beginning of the warmer months to shed your winter skin and reboot the system. Often we are feeling lethargic or sluggish after the cooler winter months as heavier foods and inactivity slow down the metabolism and dampen the spirits. Our Spring Cleanse is designed to jump start and reset the body and mind while you prepare to look and feel your best for the festive season.

Detox programs include 3 day juice fast, Saturday, Sunday & Monday, breaking the fast Tuesday, or 5 days of juice fasting, allowing you to ease back into healthy eating the day before your departure on the Friday.

Our wonderful retreat location of Hazeldene in the Yarra Valley is the perfect location to regroup and set your intention for the remainder of the year, ensuring once the sun begins to shine gloriously again, so will you!

While the physical body enjoys a break from the demands of the various digestive processes it goes through on a daily basis dealing with our food and lifestyle choices, our comprehensive variety of support programs will allow your mind and spirit to restore.  Your choice of gentle yoga & meditation classes (beginner through to those more advanced in their practice) bush walks, Personal Training & group exercise sessions, massage, hypnotherapy, beauty treatments and more.  Our goal is to ensure you finish your stay with us feeling refreshed, revived and rejuvenated!

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