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Spring Cleanse: November 1st – 5th 2019

Melbourne Cup Day week end 2019

Commencing Friday November 1st – Tuesday November 5th (4 nights)

Often we are left feeling lethargic and sluggish after the winter months as heavier foods and inactivity slow down the metabolism and dampen the spirits. Take advantage of the extended break and the warmer weather, shed your winter skin and recharge your energy system.

Our Spring Cleanse is structured to reboot the system and restore your spirit, in preparation for you looking and feeling your best for the summer months and festive season. Our detox program includes a 3 day juice fast, Saturday, Sunday & Monday, breaking the fast on the Tuesday morning before heading home.  All of our juices are made on site using local organic produce and cold pressed juice extraction methods ensuring superior nutritional benefits.

Our wonderful retreat location of Hazeldene in the Yarra Valley is the perfect location to regroup and set your intention for the remainder of the year, ensuring once the sun begins to shine gloriously again, so will you!

Our support programs include your choice of gentle yoga, meditation and exercise sessions, bush walks, massage, hypnotherapy, beauty treatments and more. Our goal is to ensure your stay with us leaves you feeling refreshed, revived and rejuvenated!

7 Responses to Spring Cleanse: November 1st – 5th 2019

  1. Trisha Osborne says:

    Interested in this for myself and a friend. Can u give me some idea on price and accommodation?

    • admin says:

      Hi Trisha and thank you for your enquiry… I have replied via email, often hotmail can interpret my business email address as spam (julie@rejuvenatehealthretreats), so if you cannot see it please check there or let me know 🙂

  2. Liz Smeaton says:

    Hi Julie
    Keen to get back for this detox if there are still spots, cheers . Liz

    • admin says:

      Oh wonderful Liz, I was actually thinking of you yesterday strangely enough! It would be great to see you out there again and there are a few spots left! Give me a rough idea what time you can get out there. I’ll also send you an email with deposit details etc 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Liz, apologies have had trouble with emails as overseas. Have just sent you one, it is from my hypnotherapy email address as this is the only one working at the moment so if you haven’t received it can you please check your spam file…

  3. Veronica Boyles says:

    Interested for myself. Can i have the price
    thank you.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Jules, have sent you an email to address provided with more details. If you have not received please check spam file as the business emails are sometimes caught in these.

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